Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Am Legend with Wil Smith - National Request for Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Volunteers

Many of you have probably seen the trailer to the new movie "I Am Legend".

It is important that all of you act now and signup for your local Medical Reserve Corps so proper medication can be distributed before the movie is released in theaters.

By doing so, we can prevent this incident from happening.

Additional information on this situation can be found at

If Wil Smith had been aware of the Medical Reserve Corps, would this have happened? Should we request that Warner Bros. take immediate action before the release?

While this movie may be fiction and the movie studios call to action is extreme, the anthrax attacks of October 2001 dramatically indicated the need to increase our capacity for dispensing medication to a large number of persons in a short timeframe.

For additional information on the Fairfax County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and volunteer opportunities, please visit

If you are outside this region, please visit

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