Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Calling 911?

The following website provides tips on how to call 911


Recently an area 911 system was unavailable. That raised the question, if you cannot reach 911 because their system is down, who do you call?

We recommend that you keep a sticker on all your phones with your local police emergency and non-emergency number. The emergency number is often the 911 dispatch center.

In the past, you would have called the operator to connect your call. With all of the services on the internet, it has probably been some time since you called the operator on your telephone.

Now that this service is automated, you rarely speak with a person right away when calling the operator.

Having the police non-emergency number posted by all of your telephones can be a lifesaver, in the event the 911 system goes out in your area. You might also want to have listed the phone number for your local fire station and hospital.

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