Sunday, January 24, 2010

Citizen Corps Volunteers Deploy to Haiti

The stories over the past week have focused on the amazing response from the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Teams and how every day volunteers from Citizen Corps programs help the USAR teams prepare for deployment.

Did you know that local American Red Cross Volunteers also deployed this past week, to assist in disaster efforts in Haiti?

The following WSUA 9 Story briefly covers the American Red Cross Volunteers Deploy to Haiti.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CERT Trains with the Best of the Best

Our previous discussion was about CERT (Indirectly) Plays Role in Haiti as the CERT volunteeers were volunteer victims for multiple Urban Search and Rescue Exercises to help them prepare for responses like Haiti.

"Yes, that man in the stars and stripes headwrap is our very own CERT instructor Steve Willey. Steve is a structural engineer with Virginia Task force one." (Source: Fairfax County CERT Blog).

This is just more proof that many of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) students train with the best of the best.

Thanks to Steve and all the Urban Search and Rescue Teams responding to this disaster. We wish you all safe returns and look forward to you sharing your experiences through future training sessions once you get settled back.

Friday, January 15, 2010

CERT (indirectly) Plays Role In Haiti Disaster Response

Neighbors Helping Neighbors thanks and wishes the Urban Search and Rescue Teams safe travels as they respond to the disaster in Haiti.

But where does the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) fit in?

Ever wonder where these teams train and where they find volunteer victims? Members of the local CERT, as pictured below, serve as volunteer victims, as these teams train for these types of emergencies.

Additional information can be found at:

Other Citizen Corps programs, such as the American Red Cross, are also preparing to provide services for residents from Haiti as they arrive into the United States.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disney Offers Free Ticket If You Volunteer

"It's an emergency, for Sara Ramirez, when she volunteers her time with the Muppets."

If you are a Citizen Corps volunteer, you will probably find the humor in this "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day" commercial.

Locally, there are many organizations participating in this program, including Volunteer Fairfax.

For additional information on the program, please visit the official Disney website.

Disney Parks not for you? Well, check this out and donate your ticket:

"We want to celebrate your good works in the community by giving you a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to the Disneyland® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort. After we receive verification that you've completed your service, we'll send you an email with a voucher redeemable for a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket for you to use, or you may donate it to a designated charitable organization"

What a great way to give back to the community... twice!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frostival 2010 with a CERT Twist

"How can you get the CERT message across to 2 to 12 year olds without scaring them for life? Make it a GAME.

Our Outreach Team came up with a fun game that was informative as well as giving the player a prize. Who doesn't like getting a prize!!! So, the kids got to stick their hand in a green box filled with white plastic peanuts and pull out a piece of paper with a question. If the answer was given correctly (with help from mom or dad, or the ever helpful CERT booth babes or dudes) a nifty pen light or CERT pen was given. This game drew a crowd!!

We also had a quieter coloring page activity. 275 Preparedness Activity books were handed out as well. And we got a full page of parental sign ups for CERT classes. Those of you CERTs that were nursing a hangover; you missed a great event. We had a booth location near the stage." (Reprinted from Fairfax County CERT Blog)

Neighbors Helping Neighbors was pleased to suggest the concept of pulling questions out of the snow (box). And applauds the local CERT team for another successful outreach event.