Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Suggestion of the Day - Teen CERT on Facebook

There are many different CERT teams on Facebook.

DHS and the organization that runs the Teen CERT program, should consider launching Teen CERT on Facebook.

It is pretty easy to setup this no cost way that would be a great way to have those students that have gone through the course network and share lessons learned.

In addition, those that have similar programs, just not called "teen" CERT could share their experiences as well. For example, quite a few Boy Scouts in Fairfax County have run through the CERT program through Camporees.

This blog entry is one example:


Mark Rosenblum said...

As a TEEN CERT program coordinator, I agree with this post... I can set up the Facebook site profile, but promoting it might be the difficult challenge!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors said...

Set it up and email me at

You'll see how easy it is to get it going.