Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Solutions Highlighted During International Day on Disaster Reduction

During the International Day on Disaster Reduction presentation, several technical solutions were highlighted.

Over the next few days, addition material will be provided on these offerings. All of which can be operated independently or integrated together through the VirtualAgility solution.

VirtualAgility technology is secure, reliable and scalable. All of which are key elements to a disaster management solution.
The VirtualAgility OPS Center (VOC) is a COTS portal framework that integrates single sign-on, GIS, incident management, weather, presence awareness, comprehensive communications and other information sharing applications.
It is an SOA interface that aggregates data and applications and presents them in a user-defined display to provide a common operational picture. Context for data point display can include GIS maps, RSS feeds, weather, SOPs and plans.
Access to data can be authorized by role, mission or organization. Secure system access can be granted ad hoc to any approved user with a standard web browser, allowing instant additions of personnel during a crisis.

Additional information can be found on the VirtualAgility website at

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