Monday, March 2, 2009

Local Volunteers Making A Difference

Looking through the eyes of others, working to get back on their feet, local volunteers group together to help others.

The Fairfax Times featured an article this week about getting neighbors in our community out of the cold.

"This winter, he has been spending his days in school, working temporary jobs through Labor Ready and getting services at the Lamb Center in Fairfax. When the sun goes down, he has been able to get a hot meal and warm place to sleep each night, thanks to Fairfax County's hypothermia shelter program.

"Without the program I wouldn't be going to school. I wouldn't have a place to study," Phillips said. "I just hope they keep doing what they're doing. People need it."

The hypothermia program, now in its fifth year, was started after two men died of hypothermia in the county. Fairfax County's homeless shelters are perennially overcrowded and there can be a waiting list of 100 people or more to get into a shelter. A segment of the homeless population does not want to live in a shelter."

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