Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Online Systems Getting Hit By Budget Cuts

According to http://az211online.blogspot.com/, "As part of the (Arizona) State’s effort to balance the 2009 budget, the Arizona 2-1-1 Program has been defunded."

This does not mean that emergency alerts are going away for this state, they will be maintained through a blog.

"Emergency Bulletins
The Arizona Division of Emergency Management is preserving the Emergency Bulletin System at http://arizonaEIN.blogspot.com/"

Things are a little different for health services where you will be referred to a non-profit agency.

"Health and Human Service Resources
The health and human service database is no longer accessible via az211.gov. There are a number of non-profit organizations in Arizona that provide Information and Referral services and may be able to assist you."

Looking for additional information at www.az211.gov, took us to the blogspot link listed above.

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Anonymous said...

For social services in Arizona, there are two large organizations that offer information and referral services covering the entire state.

Community Information & Referral (www.cir.org) in Phoenix covers central and northern Arizona while Our Family Services (www.ourfamilyservices.org) in Tucson covers southern Arizona.