Monday, June 15, 2009

Fact, Fiction, You?

This fall, through the collective reach of the entertainment industry in an unprecedented cooperative effort led by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), Americans will be asked to give their time and talents to a cause they care about. The entertainment industry will also shine a spotlight on the great service and volunteer heroes who are changing our world for the better, both at home and abroad. The effort will begin with TV programming and will expand to other media later on.

We expect that virtually every American will hear this rallying message multiple times. PSA’s will point the public to a powerful web-based tool where they can find opportunities to serve with nonprofit organizations or through neighborhood projects. They will find “Do It Yourself” projects they can do on their own or with a group, family, or friends. Everyone will be able to find a way to make a meaningful contribution that fits his or her unique preferences.

This campaign will highlight five areas identified by President and Mrs. Obama as priorities for the country where needs in our communities are great and where volunteers can play a vital part in solving problems and lifting up communities:

1. Education and youth
2. Environmental conservation and reduced energy consumption
3. Health and well-being of all generations
4. Economic development and financial security
5. Supporting our troops and keeping America safe

To make this campaign successful, the entertainment industry needs our help. They need organizations to offer service opportunities, as well as “DIY” projects that people can do on their own. But first, they need stories to highlight the impact of service.

As a first step, EIF is looking for real-life stories that can be fictionalized for use in television episodes. If you have any such stories, please submit them by June 18. Stories can be submitted through the ServiceNation website at

Thank you to Alan Khazei ( for sharing this opportunity.

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