Monday, April 19, 2010

Letter From ServiceNation - Our Citizens Voice Was Heard

As you know, we are hunting for the best new ideas for expanding national and community service in America.

I recently asked people like you to pitch in, and you did, in huge numbers. Reading through the many terrific responses, one suggestion really stuck out.

Andrew (Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Executive Director) from Virginia wrote, It is important to include volunteers in advisory and strategy sessions -- with some of the sessions focusing on the volunteers and what motivates them, and with less a focus in these sessions on politics and budget issues.

Andrew is absolutely right: we must harness your enthusiasm and creativity to help shape the future of national and community service.

So we're encouraging supporters like you to host and attend your own strategy meetings to map out the future of service in your own communities. These meetings are already being organized around the country -- click below to find one near you and RSVP to attend:

You can also sign up to host your own event, which can be as simple as a casual get-together with fellow volunteers, or as ambitious as you like. We'll provide you with all the materials you need to hold a productive meeting.

Click below to get started organizing your event:

The wide range of great ideas submitted over the past few weeks are proof that the future of service is very bright.

Many of you focused on the importance of teaching service in our schools, while others proposed changing the way service is funded, boosting (or limiting) government involvement in service efforts, reaching out to new communities, and much more.

These suggestions are still pouring in. They will be incorporated into the agenda for a similar
meeting we are organizing on April 21st in Washington.

Don't miss this important opportunity to make the future of service even brighter. Search for a meeting near you and sign up to attend:

Or click here to host your own meeting:

Yours in service,
Greg Propper
Executive Director

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