Monday, January 12, 2009

Asking is your employer ready? Is the government ready may be a better question?

"DC Councilman Finds Flaws in Inaugural Rehearsal

One DC city official is saying Sunday's inauguration rehearsal didn't go so well.

Councilmember Jim Graham told FOX 5 that were was some confusion when it came the practice session today. Graham says that the confusion appeared to be between local and federal governments when it came to road closures.

Graham says this was just a part of a major problem he foresees on Inauguration Day.

Even as a city leader, Graham says he remains confused over road, bridge, and neighborhood closures throughout the District. He says he's invited one hundred friends to his office at the Wilson Building to watch the parade, but he hasn't been able to tell them how to get there with the security measures in place.

Graham says there is only so much he can do because the federal government is calling the shots. Graham hopes to meet with several agencies this to iron out details that at this point he finds confusing. "


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