Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homeland Security USA

If you have been so focused on inauguration the past few weeks, you may have missed ABC's newest show,

Is this show any different from something you would see on TruTV?

Should the shows on TruTV be allowed, as it may "give anybody any ideas" as steford said on one of the message boards? Could the same not be said for video games, cable tv, and movies?

While the quality of the show is not what one may expect from a major network, the content provides a public understanding of a "day in the life" of someone working at DHS.

After all, it is about Neighbors Helping Neighbors. And Homeland Security USA helps us understand the jobs are neighbors in our community are doing to help protect us.

Please note, Homeland Security USA should not be consfused with D.H.S. The Series.

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