Friday, February 19, 2010

Fairfax County CERT Featured at Capital Home and Garden Show

The Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was "given a unique opportunity-placing a CERT display and doing extrication demonstration drills at the Capital Home & Garden Show running February 25-28th at the Dulles Expo Center" (CERT PIO).

They expect to see around 35,000 people during the event, as well as media overage. "CERT skill demonstrations every two hours."

What a great opportunity for community outreach? But where are the volunteers?

The only problem is the day before the event ONLY 4 people volunteered for this exhibit. MANY more people are needed to help make this a success.

To sign up, additional information is available on the Fairfax County CERT Blog.

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Anonymous said...

This just proves that a blog is not enough to get volunteers to come out. The email that was sent out connected to the volunteers who came out in full force.