Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trailer Leads Way to Expand CERT Training

Pictured above, at the Capital Home Show, are Jack and Suzy Ledgerwood and Andrew Levy, Volunteer CERT instructors, during the public release of the Fairfax County CERT Trailer. The trailer was purchased with the assistance of a DHS grant.

With Fairfax County being over 400 square miles, the hands on CERT program had traditionally been taught at the Fire Academy, located in the north of the county. There had been requests to teach those living in South County. CERT 1 was created and enabled people to take the CERT course in South County, however, primarily classroom based. CERT 2, a hands on course could not be taught without getting the pallets, 2x4s, and other equipment to the training locations, in other parts of the county.

The CERT trailer will enable the hands on course to be taught in other parts of the county.

Additional information about the different levels of CERT courses (CERT 1, 2, and 3) can be found at

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