Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Disaster Tourism? Meeting the needs of interested citizens?

The Common Ground Relief website, which was published in a Facebook group, brings light to the concept, Disaster Tourism.
"Isabelle Cossart was still evacuated in Baton Rouge when she got a call from the Army Corps of Engineers asking her to give some Japanese engineers a tour of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.
That was October 2005 and she’s been giving hurricane tours ever since."
The complete Hurricane Tours article written by Jessica Grillanda discusses Disaster Tourism in more detail.
"Isabelle Cossart says many people have also gone on from her tours to join volunteer teams involved in rebuilding. But she says she looks forward to the day when she won’t be hosting the disaster tours anymore. “I’ll be so glad when I can go back to showing nice things,” says Cossart."

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Anonymous said...

The following email was received this morning from Common Ground Relief.

Volunteers with the following experience/skills are particularly encouraged to send us an application as soon as possible:

-Trained Medics
-Disaster and Emergency Response
-Independent Media
-Equipped Tree-Cutters
-Those who volunteered in the Gulf Coast region following Hurricane Katrina In Solidarity

Common Ground Relief
Volunteer Coordinator Common Ground Relief www.commongroundrelief.org/volunteer