Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ready.gov Launches National Preparedness Month Blog

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a partner in National Preparedness Month, was pleased to provide the following suggestion to Ready.gov and the Ad Council.

Thank you to the Ad Council and Ready.gov, it has definitely had an impact on many people.
For example, every mall we go to, you see the Ready.gov campaign. An excellent job has been done on awareness.
The real question is how do we reach all of the people who are too busy with soccer and band practice, picking up at religious school, meetings, etc.?
How do we reach those that are too busy to notice that sign in the mall?
As part of Ready.gov 2009 we need greater reach into the schools. A year long campaign that is focused on the PTAs, getting the message out through school newsletters.
Take it a step further and get the students active in preparedness.
If we look back at the stop smoking or drinking campaigns, was it not the youth of America that had some of the greatest impact on their parents?
Thanks again.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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