Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Nation of Change

There have been several organizations that Neighbors Helping Neighbors has been working with.

This week we will highlight some of those organizations and coalition partnerships.

Including an organization that as part of their vision is to "...devote ourselves to the idea of a common interest and a common destiny, then perhaps as a nation we can move past bitter partisan gridlock and the sense that ordinary citizens have no real voice in our democracy. And if we can do that we can begin the important work of addressing together our greatest challenges as a nation."

Sounds simple enough.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors will also feature some ways you can get involved on these national initiatives to take volunteerism to the next level. Helping you make a difference, "Locally, Nationally and Around the World!"


Anonymous said...

This is great you do this. All summer I struggled to get information from my council. If it were not for your website I would not have know about the video. To be honest it is a shame that one of the most active Citizen Corps Councils did nothing for National Preparedness Month. Nothing. Enough Said!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Does the general community even know that it is National Preparedness month and why it is important?