Friday, September 19, 2008

Religious Best Practices - Where Do We Go From Here?

One of the focuses of Neighbors Helping Neighbors during National Preparedness Month 2008, has been around children awareness and readiness.

From discussions on Landline, Cellphone, Email to providing a Crisis Management Plan Template from a local school district.

These suggestions apply to pre-schools, K-12, and universities. They also can be leveraged in religious organizations and the workplace.

As we look at religious organizations, there is the concept of
Ready Interfaith TM

There are quite a few religious based websites that provide additional guidance on preparedness, grant/funding options, and best practices/checklists from other organizations.

One organization is the Secure Community Network (SCN). And while this website focuses on one religion, there are best practices that can be leveraged across faiths.

Another resource is the Christian Emergency Network.


Anonymous said...

Ready Interfaith. What a great idea! I did a yahoo search and did not find much.

Anonymous said...

This works for non-church affiliated pre-schools too. Thanks.