Thursday, August 7, 2008

911 What's Your Emergency? Our People!

Like many mornings, we started our day with some time in the Central 911 Call Center.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, there was the opportunity to get to know the EMS, Search and Rescue, and Fire folks in their HOT quarters.

The fire chief explained when he hires new people, he looks for people with "heart". People who have a passion for doing this type of work. "Heart" is so apparent with everyone we have come
across here, volunteer or professional employee. And both work very well together.

As was mentioned in summary at one of my training sessions, a participant said, at the end of the day, it is about the people. That could not be more true!

It was great to spend time with the Central 911 team and get to know them.

The next time you are with your volunteers, please think about this... do you know ANYTHING about their families or their interests??? Or is that not important for YOU to get your job done? It is important for you to be honest with yourself.

And never forget to
Remember the PEOPLE!


Anonymous said...

People are different from Philippines. Not like the people I work with here in states. I hope you don't move full-time, some posters say you should stay longer. Don't do it. Do not forget you have many friends here and your family. I can't wait to work with you more and you coming up with ideas to have people look beyond their paychecks. You are champion of the volunteers NOT politics or grants when no one else is. You said that if they take away all money from all Citizen Corp programs locally, you could still operate the organization. I believe it!!!!!! Why is it that people require the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Volunteers offer to teach training and are trained, so do not blame it on training costs. Is the hundreds of thousands of dollars going to overhead? Or thousands spent on websites no one has seen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last person. I bet you do not know that the Citizen Corps which you personally put on the map worldwide has changed since you left. Bi-law changes were approved and government insisted on a reelection, which you were not a part of. Did you even know? The bad part is not the org change, as management changes. But all the programs you put in place are gone. There is no way to contact the council on the website, there is no blog, there is no cross programs which you had pushed for, no exercises, no MOUs between volunteer groups, there is no student programs. Everything you did and had a plan for to put it on the map is gone. And the volunteer liaison for the government has moved to a new role and that position is open or no sign to replace it. I personally and professionally thank you for all you have done for the council and like you say in your blog, you are a person who supports the PEOPLE! Now, we just have meetings every other month. What a waste. That's about it. End of story. A sad shame of taxpayer dollars. It looks like government got their way and their money. They should change the name and remove CITIZEN from it. For the volunteers who have been volunteering as long as I have, 4 years and more, can you tell me when was the last team meeting or training session? It is time our elected officials took notice and action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry said...

"Heart" is what it's all about. People who have a passion for what they do make incredible volunteers.
These are the folks that get thrown at them multiple tasks because nobody else wants to do them; but those same folks will spend 50 hours working on that task just to make it right.
"Heart" in your volunteers is so precious, I would have 50 volunteers with "heart" than $ 50,000 in grant money any day of the week.
Unfortunately, most people recognise the amount of funds available instead of the heart, the helping and the passion of the volunteers in an organization that truly "make it happen"

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sir. I hope you keep your head high and know you have heart. People who do those things for self will be looked upon and made to realize their wrong. You have been blessed and we have been blessed by you. Others will realize their blindness.