Friday, August 22, 2008

Flash Back - In Pictures!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. You have done some excellent things to make us all proud. I spent the hour going through all the pictures and it was well worth it. Volunteers are not second rate citizens there.

You have been gone all summer and as a citizen I have not seen anything out of all the grant dollars that were spent since you left. No trailer, no id badges, no real courses, no newsletters, no student programs, no meetings, nothing. Just some outreach that only volunteers pulled together, flashlights, and total confusion.

Since you have been gone, it has been the same issues that seem to keep recirculating. You were on a path to fix this!

We are glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I second that! Glad you are back.

You focus on us not on our toys. I honestly have no clue how all the volunteer organizations will work together.

I hope they do something about the plan you were making to have all groups develop agreements and have exercises in September for preparedness month. We will see next month. My organization was not contacted about it.

Now that you are gone, I do not see anything at the Citizen Corps meeting to address that. We will have a nice video and OEM will have a new home and there are select community events but not touching the 1.3 million people in the county.

Do not take my word for it. Go ask your friend or co-worker if they have any clue about Citizen Corps and my point is proven.

I still do not know my role or the role of my people in a disaster?????????????????? If you are not CERT, MRC, or Police you are put on the back burner and ignored.

After you left, the Citizen Corps meetings are just status meetings with no actions and I do not see the value! You put our programs on the map!

We either need you back or a leader who will get the job done and not let others run it into the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While you were gone, did you see that we got our answer about Citizen Corps liability insurance? We have been asking forever about this and never an answer.

We still need those MOUs in place, but it is a step in the right direction.

So now we have it in writing. Thank you for all you have done to push this through for many many months.

It does not matter if a person is not in a core organization, they are covered, according to the county representative.

Anonymous said...

The link does not work. I was able to find it with Yahoo search engine.

Insurance coverage? Read the tiny print.

Are you CERT(3)? Only CERT(3) is authorized to deploy. If you are not you are O-N-L-Y covered under good samaritan law, not any county insurance policy.

The goverenment representative did not include that in his email. You got it in writing from him so your lawyer should be able to protect you. From his e-mail I read it that it covers all responder organizations not the select few who get funding. That is a major win for those non-granted funded groups.

Andy when are you going to comment on this? We are looking to you to lead us to help fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

The CERT website got ONE or TWO events next month SURPRISINGLY our taxpayer government WORKERS will be at. WISHFUL THINKING OR MID-YEAR EVALUATION EVALUATION TIME?

Tell 'em what WE think. Let 'em know we will NOT accept this.

NOTHING the government can tell the PUBLIC at these things is in place.


They would have told THE VOLUNTEERS first.

When was the LAST TIME you were briefed at your volunteer groups and MOU? NEVER.

We have NO DEPLOYMENT PLAN. YOU are the one who pushed for IT!


The JOINT OEM meeting will have representatives from local counties.

WE DO NOT WORK TOGETHER here you want to work across counties?

Contact the Washington Post, The Times, ABC 7, WUSA-9, NBC, Fox 5 and let 'em cover OUR SIDE.

TIME FOR THE REAL STORY. Invite 'em to the PUBLIC meeting.

I went to post a comment on this blog I NEVER SAW IT!


Andy, whos side are YOU on?


Terry said...

Regarding this comment you made-
"Just some outreach that only volunteers pulled together, flashlights, and total confusion."
Fuck off, sweetie...........Us "confused volunteers", regardless of whatever axe you have to grind with the government, or Citizen Corps, or Batman or whoever; still have a job to do.
Irregardless of how good or poorly the citizen corps programs are administered, these programs offer benefit to the community.
I don't know why you volunteer; because it sure sounds like you have lost sight as to WHY you volunteer.
I volunteer to help people prepare for disasters;I volunteer to help my fellow citizens; I take what knowledge I have learned from these "poorly run, poorly administered" programs to help others......helping others is what I and thousands of other people try to do.

Why do YOU volunteer?

Frankly, I could give two shits less about how the county does or doesn't run these volunteer programs; the fact is through these programs we are given an incredible opportunity to help affect positive change among our neighbors.
We have an opportunity through these programs to help others at the most basic, yet most effective level-neighbor helping neighbor.
I work seven days a week; I get yelled at and risk my job every time I ask for time off from work to run an outreach event; but I still do it. Because, what I do as a volunteer is important to my neighbor, my fellow residents. I could care less about ID badges, a CERT trailer and who runs what show..If I can get one, just ONE family to think about disaster preparedness, to take CERT classes;to make a disaster plan, to build a 3 day kit; then I have fulfilled what I set out to do as a volunteer.To help others..............

Why do you volunteer?

And you need to recheck the CERT blog; there are considerably more than just "one or two" community outreach events on the calendar.
It is far easier to work with what you have available to you than whine like some little bitch about things you don't have or can't control.

Why do you volunteer?

volunteer PIO
Fairfax County CERT