Friday, August 1, 2008

Turn On Your Lights for National Night Out, Then Shut it Off to Conserve Energy Around the World

As part of kickoff activities here in the Philippines and in preparation for National Night Out in the United States, I had the honor of presenting Mr. Edgar Salanio from the Regional Coordinating Council and Office of Civil Defense with a self powered led flashlight from back home.

Mr. Salanio spent some time in the United States and is a highly respected instructor in the Philippines. He teaches every major organization that would be impacted or respond to a disaster or major emergency. It has been an excellent opportunity to work side by side with him and everyone from RDCC and DCDCC.

I was presented with a hat from the National Disaster Coordinating Council and Office of Civil Defense.

Neighbors helping Neighbors, Locally and Around the World. This is truly friends making new friends to help others be better prepared. Once we return home, we look forward to Mr. Salanio providing regular articles to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors blog.

Additional information about National Night Out, which other countries may consider implementing, can be found at:


Terry said...

If you presented the gentleman with a self powered LED flashlight; I sure hope it was a Fairfax County CERT flashlight!
I am thoroughly enjoying your blog posts; and it is so pleasant to hear of these people. These people have limited resources, limited funds and face great needs.
Yet these people you talk of have unlimited spirit; ingenuity and hearts as huge as houses. This is exciting!
Exciting because these people volunteer to HELP OTHERS, not for title, not for power;not for others to "see me, I'm volunteering,look at my social status, see me!"; but to use those God given gifts of humanity, decency and goodness we all have but few actually use. People who truly volunteer to help others; that is the "volunteer gene" in action.
Everyone has the "volunteer gene"; in some it is dormant, due to the stresses and activities of everyday life; family, selfishness and greed, apathetic attitudes, remnants of the "me generation",etc. Its good to see that this gene is still dominant in some parts of the world.
When you come home; Bring back some of this volunteer gene that is so abundant there; I know some places herethat could use a healthy dose of caring for others.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was not, as this program is not affiliated with Fairfax County CERT. But, I do look forward to sharing my lessons learned with everyone once I return.