Thursday, August 14, 2008

University of Mindanao - Travel Warning

Prior to our travels to this region, we heard about several travel warnings. Did we feel safe? Were we at risk? Are these people really prepared for an emergency?

You saw all the pictures, stories, and comments. Was there any question we were in good hands?

Now, we would like to introduce the world to some more of the students we met. Here are the College of Education and Honor Students receiving "Caring Kids Cards".

The following is part of an email received from one of the students.

"wel, i really had a good time talking to you, with your silly jokes and good personality that make us comfortable while being with you...

i think,of all of those volunteers who visited our school, you were just the only one who joins us, mingle with us, and etc. you even sitted on the table where we sell our college t-shirts. hehehe!!! i hope that you'll remember us by wearing the t-shirt that you bought yesterday...

its been a good and memorable time bonding with you even with that short are considered a friend to me and to my CSG (college student government) colleagues...

have a nice day andrew...godbless you!!!!"

Meeting these students has definitely been an experience of a lifetime. They are some amazing future leaders!

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Anonymous said...

The smiles in the faces of the students says it all.