Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it about trust?

In an earlier posting, I mentioned that we spent some time together in the crew's quarters at Central 911. Some good conversation, a game of ping pong, and some darts. I challenged the folks to stand in front of the dart board as I threw the darts at the board. It was quite surprising after all the time I spend here, that they did not trust their medics to care for them. It did not even cross my mind they did not trust me.

Joking aside, in reality, this is not about trust, it is family. I believe these professionals, in any emergency or disaster can definitely answer the question, "Who is the most important person".

  1. Me/yourself.

  2. Your family.

  3. Your team.

  4. The victim.
If you are not there, who will respond? If you worry about your family, can you be at your best? If your buddy/team member gets hurt, does that not take away from another rescue team, with less focus on the victims?

This is not saying victims are low priority, it is just we need to take care of ourselves and our needs in order to take care of others.

Now doesn't this seem to contradict it's about the team. The folks here have the utmost trust in their team, but in reality, as with the darts, with such a strong team, you look out for each other, including yourself.

So, when you put yourself and your own interests first, you only see part of the picture. Ask yourself, are you forgetting about the team? What's your role on the team? It's not only about you!


Anonymous said...

It is not about trust. We just want you to go first and show us. Haa haa

Anonymous said...

It is trust. Here in our county, information is kept from people and does not foster an open relationship. If people are so quiet and ignore questions then how can one be sure things are on the up and up and up. On the other blog, there are no answers to where are the governement employees when the volunteers work tiredlessly. As a citizen I have seen little from the grant and tax dollars but to pay them. I am only better prepared because I make myself prepared, not because of the poorly attended unannounced good to the public training.

Thank you for this no cost form of communication. You have also been a champion of taking away every since dollar and still operating.

Since you left town and they removed your link from the governement webpage there is no public communication like this from the Citizen Council.

You do our county proud by still moving forward with a leadership role in emergency preparedness citizen corps chairman or not.

Thank you.