Thursday, August 14, 2008

You can do both?

No Way!!!

We had the opportunity to work with people from government, NGOs, and universities. Can you believe that people who work at these organizations also volunteer? No really, they do.

Many people use the same skills as their day job and volunteer to give back to others. Think about the skill building potential. Think about the additional impact you can have on society.

Some countries will give time off for volunteering. It would be interesting to speak to someone to hear if those policies really had an impact. Or if folks are still paid overtime when they work side by side with volunteers.

Some countries REQUIRE youth to volunteer. Require?

Is this really needed? Why not make it part of our culture?

Last night we had the opportunity to take some off time away from our work and spend it with the Philippines National Red Cross at karaoke. These folks you may have seen in other blog entries. They all have multiple roles beyond their volunteerism with the Red Cross (teachers, students, employees, managers, etc.).

They are perfect examples of you can do both!

They "... are the champions of the world". These folks are the true heroes and I wish them all the best.

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